White Hat Fund Announcement

Good afternoon hospital partners and friends of the Children’s Cancer Center,

I bring your INCREDIBLE news from the CCC! We are beyond thrilled to announce that we are able reinstate the financial assistance program for oncology families in the Tampa Bay area!

We have partnered with the Davis Ferguson Memorial Foundation to reinstitute the financial assistance program, in memory of Davis Ferguson.

Davis was a child that lost his battle to cancer due to a brain tumor and dedicated his last few months to enduring experimental treatments, knowing that they would not inevitably be able to help him, but that there was a chance he could help someone else with this research. He is an inspiration to all of us, and it is in his name that we are able to provide this assistance to the families. Davis loved cowboys and since the “good guys” usually wore the white hats, we have subsequently named the Children Cancer Center’s financial assistance program as The White Hat Fund- in memory of Davis Ferguson.

After speaking with a few of the hospital social workers and getting critical feedback to make the partnership between the CCC and the hospitals as smooth and easy as possible, I have created a new financial assistance form and detailed the specifics of how the White Hat Fund works, how many families and referrals can be made, how much funding is available, what types of referrals will be covered, and any other specifics I can think of. I also took your recommendations to have the parent fill out the majority of the referral form so they are taking ownership of the request for assistance. You will find the new referral form attached, as well as a guide to the White Hat Fund and how it pertains to you!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about this opportunity as I want to make sure we are all on the same page with how great this opportunity is so we can make it as seamless as possible for everyone! Sharin will be the Support Coordinator that you will send the referrals to, and I will be your contact person for anything policy or procedure related until we have this new program off and running again. If you have any questions about this new program or how it works, please contact me. I want your feedback and I want your input as this is a partnership not only with the CCC and the Davis Ferguson Memorial Foundation, but also a partnership with you in the hospitals that are making the referrals on behalf of all of our families.

We certainly hope that you are as excited as we are to move forward with this program again and hope that we will be able to continue to provide this type of assistance for many years to come! So, without further ado, you are free to start referring families!

Thank you for your continued support and partnerships!


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